Miškić and consultants specialize in providing business advisory services and representation.
For several years, our joint team of consultants, successfully providing services to foreign clients, so we can offer a wealth of experience.

It is this experience on many projects, and knowledge of tradition and culture, as well as the current political situation, then good business relationships resulting from previous successful projects, as well as a good knowledge of the situation on the world market, allow us a quality business advice and the highest quality customer support in various fields business world.

Why choose us?

All clients assess their current position and potential, we investigate the best existing or develop new solutions, is overcoming the identified problems.
The main and only goal is to help our clients in fully exploiting their potential and achieving superior business results.
To stay at the top for quality business consulting services, we constantly improve their knowledge and ability to solve specific business problems of our clients.
Only so together we can take quick action and make the right decisions and achieve the desired goal.


So far we have provided advisory services in many business areas and we will enumerate some of them:

  • State infrastructure projects in several countries        
  • Media – run publications, media presentations       
  • Information Technology – expertni team of experts is available from the U.S., Germany and the Croatian      
  •  Education – a school, organization meetings such as seminars, conferences ….      
  •  Buying and selling of goods carried on both the domestic and foreign market     
  •  Representation of foreign companies       
  • Food industry       
  • Building materials industry       
  • Construction       
  • Oil industry       
  • Buying – selling hotel       
  • Buying – Selling Land       
  • Buying – selling factory       
  • Buying – selling gold       
  • Automotive       
  • Humanitarian aid       
  • Social welfare       
  • Tourism       
  • Telecommunications       
  • The energy sector      
  • Textile industry
  • Banking


Management consulting – including market analysis and market research, development of business and marketing plans.
Advice on acquisition – the buyer or companies seeking partners, including finding potential acquisitions or partners, coordination of attorneys, auditors and other advisers, an analysis of the company’s value, as well as advice and protect the client’s interests throughout the acquisition process.
Project management and consulting services – foreign investors, including the coordination of all activities related to large investment projects which assist in linking foreign investors with relevant government institutions, potential partners, other consultants and all other partners and people that we think are necessary for the successful completion Project.
Managing international competitions.

I want to emphasize

  • Provide investment    
  • We participate in many projects around the world