House in Zagreb – Ilica, 320m2.

450m away from the end of Ilica, municipalities Susedgrad, the western part of the city.
Detached house with 4 apartments (3 bedroom and one bedroom).
Two 50m2 garage with roller door and 3 new erected storage (shed).
The house has a building permit, property 1 / first The house is completely new renovated from foundation to roof.
Gas central heating, each apartment with separate electricity meter, massage bathtub (jacuzzi), air conditioning and satellite TV.
290m from the house are: market, hospital, school, post office and bus station.
200m from the house is a beautiful forest walking (dead), peace and quiet.
20m from the house there is a stream, all 10 minutes from downtown.
Photos are taken during the works. More pictures send the request mail.
Sell ​​or rent consulates, embassies (embassies).
Rental price 3000 euros per month for all of the above.


Mobitel: 098 231 719

Market with all licenses, including the use permit.

Five bars type kiosk introduced current (each local special meter), water, public toilets, kiosk-type male-female,
ten concrete stand-concrete Prelog original, five stalls, woodeniron with yellow awnings.
200m2 with 20 outlets. Driveway, in the center of Ilok.

Informacije za tržnicu:
Alen Miškić – mobitel: 091 733 44 55


Mobitel: 098 231 719

Land 1. Building M1 zone, area 288m2, there is no detailed plan, is located above the road in Trsteno the newly created road is asphalt, there is electricity and water, which is done with the neasvaltirani time, time to plot takes its own path length of about 10 -15 meters, the parcel is on the edge of the plateau, and from it to the main road is steep and it never nobody can obstruct view, the view is of the open sea and Elaphiti and the sea is not provided for any construction for now. Price 28.800Eura, čest.zem. 771/1 k.o. Trsteno, construction. Supported. M1

Land 2. Approx 1515m2, on the main road near the construction zone, so the first amendment should require insertion in construction. zone and there should not be a problem since about 50 meters in length onto a main road and has his way with the request for insertion in the Master Plan should be careful and look for business purposes because the premium catering and hospitality, ie apartments. Price 45.000.eura.kat.čest.771 / 3 k.o. Trsteno, purpose garden

Land 3. agri the highway at 70 meters from the sea, 1115m2, interesting as it is a company started to buy the surrounding land (Zuzul) so I guess I have important plans for this part because it is near the sea and with a fantastic view of the sea, the price of 25,000 Eura.čest.zem .710/20 ko Trsteno purpose garden.

Land 4. 1615m2 part in a construction zone and surrounded by land that has bought an Irish company and operates major projects for this part and leads them by Jean Žanetic from Dubrovnik, I understand very valuable projects are concerned because they are working on a huge area, please note that requested insertion of land in the construction zone. Today’s price is 50 Euros m2. kat.čest.615 / 5 k.o. Trsteno, purpose garden.

All lands are 1/1 pure and ownership and possession and duly introduced in the cadastre and land registry.